About Us

Started by 2 car enthusiasts that met during university days and shared a common interest in souping up cars

As an enthusiast that frequents forums and weekly meets, we noticed that the majority of auto parts that are being sold in todays market factors in a very high markup, especially for European imported vehicles and that was why we started this company.

Our company’s focus was to deliver high-quality light bulbs for European vehicles without the retail markup and with excellent service but that has since changed.

Since establishing the company, we operated exclusively through the online channel and now, our product line has grown to not only cater to European makes but also Japanese, Korean and American makes of vehicle

Despite the increase in variation of our lighting fitments, we still continue to provide our company's bottom line focus and core value to provide our customers the best price upfront with the best customer service and after sales support!

Big thanks to those who have supported us, the returning customers as well as the referrals that you give. 

We will continue to do our best!

- The Boring Auto Parts Team


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